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Welcome to our School!

Shiloh Hills School a premier and highly reputable group of schools was established in January, 1987 with about 100 pupils.  The founding of the school was in keeping with the vision God gave to Madam Azuka Uwechia in 1987.  The institute is located at No 31 Nembe Road, Rumuibekwe Housing Estate, Port Harcourt.

The school is established to provide qualitative education based first and foremost on Christian values. 
The values are purposefully integrated to inculcate: the knowledge of the fear of God, virtue of honesty and obedience and habit of diligence and hard work into the child to inspire him/her with a desire for achievement both now and in future       .......Read More

Mission Statement

Shiloh Hills School is an excellent school that is committed to building into the child total education that focuses on mental, character, attitudinal and skill development, thus producing a total, matured and disciplined child.



The idea of setting up a music department is to ensure that children (pupils and students) are given total training that will help them excel in terms of creative music both within and outside academic environment. .... read more


In Shiloh Hills School, our motto is “Except The Lord”.  The Hebrew word, ben (a son), bath (a daughter), and beith (a house), come from the same root word ‘banah’ i.e. ‘to build’.  Sons and Daughters build up a household, or constitute a family, as much and as really as stones and timber constitute a building... read more 

School Sections

Our goal is to develop the total child.
Read More
Primary School
The Primary section of the school consists of fifteen class rooms with fifteen (15) classroom teachers.. Read More
High School
Shiloh Hills High School Port Harcourt is a co-educational institution established in 2006 Read More